• Basilica e Seminario di Mongomo

Cathedral and Seminary Mongomo

Area 1.410 mq

Volume 10.080 mc

The Cathedral and Seminary Mongomo (Mongomo Basilica) in Equatorial Guinea, is a contemporary church whose architecture reminisces the long tradition of Catholic churches. The 2.000 mq Latin cross plan accommodates 800 churchgoers. It consists of an entrance porch, a chamber and a transept to the ends of which we find the secondary altar on one side and a baptismal font on the other.  At the bottom, we find an apse containing the main altar.  The most important space of the church is the 39 m high dome crowned by a lantern.

Adjoining this, we find the seminary, a real school designed to accommodate 40 seminarians. The building has two levels and includes 40 rooms and the Bishop’s apartments, the classrooms and the library, a chapel for prayer, the canteen, a recreation room and a computer room. These rooms overlook a cloister directly connected to the Basilica.